Terms of Services

Thank you for reading our terms of service. If you use zlidc's services, your actions will be deemed as having read, understood, and accepted this statement without restriction or condition.

1. Service Term and Fees

1.1 Term: The "initial term" of this agreement shall be chosen by you in the order on this website when registering for the service. "Initial" refers to when the user uses the service and pays the fees. This agreement will automatically renew at the end of the initial term ("renewal term"), with a duration identical to that of the initial term unless you give zlidc notice of termination five (5) days before the end of the initial term or renewal term. You must provide notice of termination to zlidc by clicking on the "cancel service" button on their website or following other provisions stated in this agreement. After clicking on "cancel service," you will be required to provide sufficient customer identification information to allow zlidc to correctly identify you and your account. Any notice of termination will take effect five (5) days after being received by zlidc. Once purchased, customers have rights to enjoy such services. zlidc will make every effort to provide services.

1.2 Termination Policy: 
zlidc reserves the right to cancel customer services at any time. Your request for termination or notification must be submitted according to what is described in section 1.1 above, sent directly to zlidc . At any time and for any reason, zlidc may terminate this agreement but must give written notice five (5) days prior to termination date.

1.3 Fees: You agree to pay all charges or costs incurred due your use of current services provided by 
zlidc at that time; prices do not include any applicable taxes.You are responsible for paying all federal, state, local sales tax , usage tax , value-added tax , consumption tax, customs duties and any other taxes related to the service, except for taxes based on zlidc's net income.

2. Use of Service

2.1 You assume all risks yourself; zlidc will not make efforts to verify the content, accuracy or availability of any such information nor participate in or interfere with your business. The use of services requires a certain level of knowledge in internet language, protocols and software usage. This level of knowledge varies depending on the intended purpose and required content of the website. You must possess the necessary knowledge to create and maintain a website. zlidc has no responsibility to provide such knowledge or customer support beyond what is agreed upon between you and zlidc . zlidc only provides customer service regarding hardware and basic service accessibility. No technical support related to your business will be provided by zlidc .

2.2 Bandwidth and Storage Usage: You agree that your use of services under this agreement will not exceed the specified bandwidth and storage usage limits. If you exceed the amount indicated in your service package for bandwidth or storage space, you agree to pay additional fees for excess usage.Storage devices are one of the most easily damaged hardware components in servers; we understand that your data is important but zlidc does not provide any data security commitments.Please backup your own data promptly.

2.3 Content: By signing this agreement, you agree that all services provided by zlidc are solely for lawful purposes.Prohibited activities include transmitting,storing or displaying any information,data or materials which violate local laws.This includes but is not limited to copyrighted material,materia judged as threatening or obscene,harmful material endangering national security,and material protected by commercial secrets or other legal protections.Users agree to indemnify against claims arising from damages suffered by users themselvesor others due their useofthe servicesprovidedbyllC loudandtohold llC loudharmless.

Prohibited activities include:

No pirated software

No hacking websites, programs or files

No pirated software, links to pirated software, script clearing websites

No spamming

No child pornography

No DDoS attacks

No fraudulent websites 

 No cryptocurrency

3. Execution

3.1 Violation investigation; zlidc can investigate any reported or suspected behavior that violates this agreement, policies, or any complaints, and take any action it deems appropriate and reasonable to protect its systems, facilities, customers, and/or third parties. Investigations include but are not limited to: reviewing currently stored materials, reviewing previously stored materials, diagnosing and analyzing stored materials to comply with local, state, federal laws as well as all other reasonable investigations required by law. Unless required or permitted by applicable laws or legal procedures, zlidc will not access or view the content of any email or similar electronically stored communication.

3.2 Account termination policy; zlidc reserves the right and absolute discretion to restrict or delete any content that violates this agreement or related policies or guidelines on its servers which is offensive or may infringe upon the rights of any third party or may violate any law. If we find that you may have violated this agreement, any related policies or guidelines, third-party rights ,or laws , zlidc may immediately take corrective measures including but not limited to (a) issuing a warning,(b) suspending Or terminating services,(c) restricting Or prohibiting all use of content hosted on the zlidc system,(d) deleting Or destroying Any data And files ,(e) disabling Or removing Any hypertext links pointing To Third-Party websites ,any Content distributed through The service Or available for distribution ,Or Other Content Not provided By zlidc Which in our sole discretion May violate Or infringe Upon Any Law OR Third Party Rights OR Otherwise expose zlidc To Civil Liability Criminal Responsibility OR Public Ridicule .The policy Of zlidc Is To Terminate Repeat Infringers .Repeat offenders refer To users who have received at least one violation warning And failed To correct their violations In compliance With This Agreement .However,the right Of zlidc To Take corrective measures does not require us to monitor Or exercise editorial control over information distributed through the service .If zlidc takes corrective measures due to such potential violations, zlidc will have no obligation to refund any fees paid by you prior to taking such corrective measures.

3.3 Disclosure rights In order To comply with applicable laws and legitimate government requests, protect the systems And customers of zlidc ,Or ensure The integrity And operation Of zlidc's business And systems ,zlidc may access and disclose any information it deems necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to user profile information (i.e., name, email address), IP addresses and traffic information, usage history records as well as content residing on zlidc servers and systems. zlidc also reserves the right to report any suspected activities that violate any laws or regulations to appropriate law enforcement officials, regulatory agencies or other relevant third parties. zlidc may suspend your access to your materials until the investigation into suspected violations is completed. During this period, you will not be credited for time spent under investigation suspension.